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Type of Placement

Placement Fees

Application Fee $225.00
Full-Time Live-Out (30 hrs or more) 15% of the caregivers gross annual salary or $4,000 (which ever is greater)
Part-Time Live-Out (30 Hrs or Less) $2,500
Live-In $4,000
Short-term/Summer Greater of $900 or $300/Month
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Agency Fee

Nanny Fee

Additional Children

Membership fees: $225 initial registration - $75 annual membership renewal fee
Daily (4/hr Minimum) $25 $15-$20/hr Minimum
(1-2 children)
$1/hr each additional child
Overnight (6pm – 8am) $25 $150-$200 Minimum  
Around the Clock
(Up to 24 hours)
$25 $150-$200 Minimum
Corporate Services:

For customized pricing information please contact us at info@metronannies.com or 703-481-3181.

Hotel Services (4/hr Minimum) $40.00 $15 - $20/hr